Awards honor contributions by Chinese and twhere to get custom wristbandshose of Chinese heritage overseas

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Global newsmakers who share a Chinese heritage were rewarded for their outstanding work at a ceremony on Wednesday in Beijing.

The ceremony, honoring news personalities in 2017, was hosted by Chinese News Service.

Qiu Yuanping, director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council said that the 19th National Congress emphasized that China has entered into a rejuvenation period, the common wish of Chinese and those of Chinese heritage.

Zhang Xinxin, China News Service president said that those of Chinese heritage contributed to many global events in 2017.

Their hard work, and dedication to the societies and communities they live in has been deeply beneficial, he said.

Award winner Huang Sumei, a member of the Ontario legislature in Canada, proposed a bill to recognize Dec 13 as Nanjing Massacre Commemorative Day in Ontario.

She said at the award ceremony that her inspiration was built on her desire to educate and banish ignorance.

Supporting the truth about the atrocity was a profound desire, she said, adding that "we know what happened in war, this is a fact, it is evidence based, we have to make sure the next young generation know the story", she said.

It reminds us all that peace, knowledge, truth and love are the only answers to prevent such inhumanity, she added.

Another winner Chen Guoji, advisor to the Panamanian president, has been working to promote China-Panama relations.

"Seeing the two countries establishing diplomatic relations is seeing years of hard work and hope finally come true", Chen said.

The status of those of Chinese heritage in Panama has improved and the relations between the two countries have entered a new stage, he said, calling for more Chinese to visit and invest in the central American country.

The award winners covered a wide range of sectors, including politicians, scientists, and those who came to China to contribute their knowledge and skills.

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