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How to make UV bracelets|silicone wristband bracelet

on their bracelets and wear it .The silicone bracelets are environmentally friendly and healthy. They do not harm people"s health .Gradually, figured wristband are becoming more and more widely used .The figured wristband mainly used for the following purposes .   The figured wristband be used for advertising promotion .When some stores sell their products at reduced prices ,they will customize some figured wristband as gift and send them to their customer or show some news of their goods on the figured wristband .   The figured wristband be used for charity activities .The charities often customize some rubber bracelets ,they will make a profit by selling silicone bracelets and donate the proceeds to those who need them .Or print some propaganda slogans on the bracelet to encourage more people to join the charity industry .   The figured wristband be used for street basketball .People who play street basketball usually don"t have uniforms .But when we play street basketball, we need to divide the players into groups.At this time ,the figured wristband is a good choice .We can group people who play street basketball with different colors of silicone rubber bracelets .   Silicone bracelets are not only ornaments, they can also be used in various occasions.   blank-wristbandembossed-printed-wristband

mooth. It is suitable to design a colorful logo with the technsilicone wristband braceletology of overprint of tiny deviation. But the color logo will be easier fade away than the debossed inkfil one. The embossed (or with color printed) bracelet with the effect of raised lettering with color to let your message and logo stand out. But if the logo is continuous, there can be just one color printed. And if the logo or lettering is separated into two part individually on the front and back of the band, 2 colors printed available. Debossed (or with color filled) bracelet is engraved lettering and color filled(ink injected),there will be a deep cut effect of your personalized message. The logo can be inkfil with more than 2 colors depending on the design. And the ink injected will last longer. Different color of the bracelet has different meanings. Band color white stand for making poverty hsilicone wristband braceletistory. Yellow stand for livestrong. Black and white stand for standing up and speaking up. Blue stand for beatting bullying. Pink stand for supporting knowledge strength. Blue and white stand for one world one cause Blue and green stand for say no to sectarianism. Also a silicone bracelet can be used as a promotional item for entertainment or sport. It is hot sale as a advertisement gift.  

pink rubber bracelets for breast cancer awareness

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